Why Bundledarrows

Speed to market has become the number 1 rationale for outsourcing and partnership.  As small and medium businesses (SMB) seek to rebound quickly from the economic crisis, more organizations are leveraging external vendors as a way to get essential expertise delivered quickly.  Bundledarrows is the answer, high quality, and experienced staff, at a cost designed for SMB.

Vision without action is dreaming!

Bundledarrows turns your vision into reality, which is why we say:

Welcome to a Profitable Partnership

Under the leadership of Christina Cheung –  Bundledarrows can free you of the administrative burden of HR and  insure proper overall risk management & compliance adherence, and  integrated, coordinated HR Delivery Services.

Christina Cheung

Christina Cheung is a Certified Risk Manager (CRM) and Certified WorkComp Advisor (CWCA). Her risk management services focus on  business continuity, enterprise risk assesment and insurance audit and selection.

Christina has experience in helping companies through phrases of growth and consolidation. She has the expertise to lay in the foundational protection in risk management for a company to grow from a 100 to over 2500 employees.

With expertise in the evaluation of insurance contracts and transference, she has extensive experience working in high growth environment. Under her care, three successful mergers and acquisitions took place. Christina also have extensive experience working with global companies, and  was instrumental in settlement of an Amsterdam claim for close to $1M.