Bundledarrows – Full Service HR at a fraction of the cost!

Bundledarrows gives you  immediate access to a team of HR, Safety, Benefits and Payroll experts with three levels of service to meet your needs.  

HR Outsourcing:  Our expert  Human Resources and Talent Management team can free you of the administrative burden of HR. Our core product can handle all your basic needs without the burden and cost of a full-service HR department.

HR Efficiencies: Work with our team to develop integrated and coordinated HR delivery services and  insure proper overall risk management an compliance adherence. Uutilize our employee relations & response expertise to help expose blind spots leading to continuous improvement.

HR Consultancy: Let Bundledarrows Strategic Business Partners help you understand the drivers of HR function and effectiveness and impact on the business.

Leverage our expert Human Resources and Talent Management solution in a single system to:

  • Manage the full hire-to-retire lifecycle for employees
  • Manage employee benefits enrollment and benefit change events
  • Easily view certifications and expirations
  • Compensate your workers consistently and fairly
  • Align the workforce to your organization’s goals
  • Assess and optimize your workforce capabilities and allocation
  • Create and develop leadership pipelines